1. Sep 19,  · if you just want to play a folder, hit 'play' on the *folder*. shuffle is a general player control, set it on in the left hand side menu. this would also work for a library folder as such (i.e. hit 'play' on the music video node).
  2. Oct 19,  · Random shuffle while playing MP3 from a USB stick. Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Audio and Electronics' started by tyrus13, Mar 25, tyrus13 Junior Member. Joined: Mar 8, 25 1 0 But when I play it from the Prius audio system, it refuses to play the songs accordingly. Instead, it shuffles them randomly.
  3. Nov 01,  · The Geoffrey Shuffle App can be found at App Store or Google Play. The Geoffrey Shuffle App can be found at App Store or Google Play. Select AR mode when starting game. The King of Random.
  4. This does seem to be location based in that it changes and becomes very bias depending on where you start your shuffle from. So if I start the shuffle from band X, songs that are close to that song start showing up, and if I move it to song Y, the same type of situation happens where if you scroll the future songs, it's all songs that are close to those in the playlist that are playing next.
  5. REAL Shuffle Player is a simple and efficient audio player with unique features such as a real and intelligent shuffle mode. The main features are: True random numbers via ANU QuantumRNG Smart Shuffle™: Prevents double play of a song Folder-Playlist: Set a folder as a playlist with automatic synchronization Search: Quick Search with Type-to-Search Filters: For new songs or liked songs 4/5(72).
  6. Jan 12,  · You can change the order in which the items play by turning on shuffle play, which will make items in the List pane play in a random order. You can also choose to play the items repeatedly. When you turn on repeat play, all items in the List pane will play once and then begin playing again. You can also turn on both shuffle and repeat at the same time. Note that it is not possible to shuffle or .
  7. Jan 13,  · When your CD is in shuffle mode, then it will play the songs in random order. To turn on shuffle mode, press the Random/Repeat button until Disc Random is displayed. If you are listening to an MP3 or WMA disc, you will also have a Folder Random option.
  8. I press the playlist icon and then press the big blue play button on the playlist screen (see third screenshot below). The playlist will start playing and be shuffled (see fourth screenshot below) Deezer Support told me that this is intended behaviour, yet there is no indication that the playlist would be shuffled, and I don't see why I would.
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