1. Sep 24,  · Teflon - give me that love- Lutan Fyah - why we have to fuss and fight Norrisman - time to live and love Turbulence - youths Don i gon feat. Monessa - property Spectacular - I know Malijah - Tell me why Malijah & Keefaz - Togetherness Don Pako - Odeur de souffre Perfect - Stick together.
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  3. Apr 19,  · [Editors Note: This is a guest blog written by Jessica Kane. Jessica is a music connoisseur and an avid record collector. She currently writes for SoundStage Direct, her go-to place for all turntables and vinyl equipment, including VPI Turntables.] Whether it is audiophiles, an older listener trying to recapture their youth, or younger listeners searching for an authentic [ ].
  4. Malijah i s the kind of rare singer who comes along once every generation, a kind of singer who has the remarkable ability to combine family values, humor and religion in his message-oriented music so that the whole world can rock to it.. The singer’s latest combination hit song, “No Combo” (Breakfast in Bed), done with former model Zenesha Riley, has been generating a lot of buzz in the.
  5. Jan 10,  · At the time of its release buy " The Black Box " by Black Sabbath. In a way it was a disappointment for me. It did not contain the original album artwork, the packaging seemed poor me, the book was good but nothing out of this world, the dvd in the back of the book added was full of scratches and the material was already available from other sources (such as DVD Musikladen).
  6. For me this CD is a replacement for the vinyl which I have owned since the 60's. I know the musical content so well that I could probably identify each track by a couple of seconds play. I don't think I can be objective about the music - it is too much part of my own history (and that of most of my generation). You'll have to make you own mind up/5(K).
  7. Malijah – Shout Out – Atariq riddim Mykal Rose – World Is In Trouble – Atariq riddim Natural Black – Tell Me Why – Tears riddim Maxi Priest – Always With You – Tears riddim Let Me Know – Kingdom riddim Collie Buddz – Now She’s Gone – Relationships riddim.
  8. Natural Black – Tell Me Why – Tears riddim Mey Vidal – Never Gonna Give Up – Tears riddim Stevie Face – Only Jah Can – Tears riddim Morgan Heritage – Faithful – Tears riddim Lukie D – I Cry – Tears riddim Maxi Priest – Always With You .
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