1. This U of I breakthrough is a silver lining on our COVID cloud The development of a promising new test is a timely reminder of the value of publicly funded research universities like the.
  2. Noun. 1. silver lining - a consoling aspect of a difficult situation; "every cloud has a silver lining"; "look on the bright side of it". bright side. consolation, solace, solacement - the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment; "second place was no consolation to him".
  3. Each turkey vulture, like every cloud, has its silver lining.: The one silver lining of this Rand Paul ascension is that he would put these kooks out of business.: These are dark times for network TV, but experiments like Galavant are the silver lining.: Mercury and potassium iodide are the silver lining of the luetic cloud.: The Air Force official noted that there is a silver lining that.
  4. West Bend Provides a Silver Lining. The worst brings out our best. Find an Agent Report a Claim Make a Payment. Service to you is a top priority. As the COVID pandemic continues to sweep through the country at an alarming rate, more businesses and individuals are financially impacted.
  5. Join Silver Lining Tours, the Best Tornado and Storm Chasers in the country, on storm chasing tours across the US.
  6. Silver lining definition, a sign of hope in an unfortunate or gloomy situation; a bright prospect: Every cloud has a silver lining. See more.
  7. Synonyms for silver lining at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for silver lining.
  8. comforting prospect. good side. hopeful prospect. positive side. “To the left and all the way to the back of the diner there were booths with fake silver lining and a small jukebox on every table.”. Noun.. An advantage or a characteristically favorable point. positive.
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